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The Bowen technique often helps with the symptoms related to many conditions, both muscular-skeletal and others, due to the unique way it works.
Below is a list of some conditions which have responded well to Bowen therapy, but please note we treat the "person" not the "condition" so the list is by no means all the Bowen technique is capable of helping.

Back pain


Sporting Injuries

Neck pain

Frozen shoulder

Knee & hip problems

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Repetitive strain injury

Headaches & migraine


Colic in babies

Pregnancy related problems


Pelvic misalignment

Aches & pains

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Tennis elbow & golfers elbow


Jaw problems & TMD

Menstrual & fertility problems

Foot & ankle pain


Over the years I have dealt with people who have come to me with all sorts of symptoms and there are very few people who have not reported a positive response.
So many people are told by medical professionals that " there is nothing they can do- & they have to live with the pain".

It is always so satisfying, when I know that I've helped someone who is in pain and discomfort; with the Bowen technique this happens frequently, but sometimes the result of the treatment can be so profound and it can have such a huge impact on their life.

This testimonial kindly sent to me by e-mail illustrates this.


"My name is Andrew Somers, this is first of all a testimonial for the Bowen Technique and secondly and most importantly to me, for Jan Williamson who gave me back the opportunity to lead life normally again.
I was in my twenties and working on Loft Conversions. One day I picked up a roll of felt (about 25 KG) and damaged my back . I went to the Doctor who said I was 'swinging the lead' -he could do nothing for me except prescribe pain killers which did not work. From there I went to Chiropractors, these did not work. I was referred by the doctor to hospital for physiotherapy this also did not work. In desperation I went to Chinese Doctor who gave me medicine which was disgusting also acupuncture and massage, again I was disappointed as it did not work. I went on holiday once to a hotel that catered for paraplegics and people who had very bad accidents of all kind- I was embarrassed as a number of people who were clearly severely disabled, were coming up to me asking was the pain and discomfort very bad?
Thankfully, a couple of years ago, I came across Jan, through recommendation. In less then five (5) appointments she had me up straight again and back to work. I now can do anything- including lifting pulling or anything I wish, I cannot begin to thank Jan and the Bowen Technique enough. I am pain free and active once more. If anyone wishes to ring me I have given permission for Jan to give you my number so that you can call me direct.

Jan I wish you well and thank you very much for giving me back my health and my life.

Andrew J Sommers"

Note from Jan
While there is no guarantee that the technique will work for everyone in such a dramatic way- it can do no harm, and often works when other therapies have failed.

Please feel free to phone (07969627671) and speak to me about your own problem.

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