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Imagine the suspension is not balanced on your car. It will affect a number of different factors, steering, handling, tyre wear etc.
This is much the same scenario for your body, If your body is out of alignment then it will affect almost every aspect of your body, giving symptoms of back pain, knee & ankle problems, neck & shoulder pain and even symptoms of lack of energy, to name a few.

This is where the Bowen technique really comes into it's own. It gently encourages the body into alignment and kick starts the healing process. It may achieve this in a number of different ways.

All muscles are surrounded by tough sheets of connective tissue called fascia. It allows flexibility and movement between the various parts of the body, fascia relieves a lot of attention in a Bowen treatment.
Some complimentary therapies manipulate the spine itself to address the relationship between individual bones ( for example to free a trapped nerve. In contrast a Bowen treatment addresses the muscle and fascial relationships that are holding the spine in that position ( a bit like adjusting the guy ropes on your tent!).
By changing this a change of structure is inevitable, forcing the spine to adopt a better position. This approach normally has a longer lasting effect.
There is a lot of interest around fascia release techniques at the moment, and this is one of the original therapies that incorporates this.

The brain & nerves.
Bowen can also affect the messages sent to the brain about the status of individual muscles. There are thousands of stretch receptors in each muscle.
Bowen moves the muscle in a very specific way sending sensory information via the nerves to the spinal cord and brain.
The brain then processes these signals and starts the self corrective feedback mechanism, this can affect the way the body holds itself.

There are many other alternative explanations about how the Bowen technique works, for example where many of the moves are performed relate to acupuncture points and trigger points. It has also been shown that the moves themselves initiate a small electrical charge and it has been established that these impulses have very powerful healing effects on the body.

However after the first 1 or 2 treatments, clients usually are less interested about how the technique works- they are just glad it works!

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